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As Patricia looks back on her journey from the mountains of France to the shores of Australia, she is grateful for the opportunities that have come her way.

Updated: Jun 13

CHAT SESSION 59 with Patricia Koby

Topic- Sharing wisdom and encouraging people to trust their mind and body intelligence.

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Tuesday 11th June 2024 1pm

Patricia Koby was born in the Alps of France in a town called Moutiers, known as the door to a famous sky resort.

Patricia was born gifted and is a natural spiritual medium and clairvoyant. At the age of 16 years old she started helping people with her gift that led her to become an inspiring spiritual teacher.

In 1968 Patricia, her husband and their two little daughters changed their direction in life venturing to Australia without speaking a word of English. Patricia saw Australia as the land of opportunities with endless possibilities for growth and expansion.

She continued to use her gift to help others in her new home ‘Australia’ offering spiritual guidance to those who were seeking her services.

Over the years, Patricia became well known in her community and surrounding communities, gaining a reputation as a competent, wise, and compassionate teacher. She continued her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and then followed on with counselling services. With all her knowledge and expertise gained over the years Patricia was able provide holistic healing into her practice helping all her clients.

Despite challenges and obstacles along the way, Patricia never lost sight of her purpose and passion for helping others. She remained dedicated to her healing work with a focus on always striving to make a positive impact on the lives of those around her.

As she looks back on the journey from the mountains of France to the shores of Australia, Patricia is grateful for the opportunities that have come her way. She knows that she was meant to be a guiding light for others, using her gift to bring hope and healing to all who seek her wisdom. And she continues to inspire others with humour, healing, and an unwavering strength.

As a 15-year old teenager, Patricia would always dream of writing books one day. A few years ago she published her first book, ‘Message of the Heart’. The book comes complete with meditation CD, ‘Embrace your Heart’.  She also accomplished writing and publishing her 2nd book, a children’s book, ‘The magic of stars’.  Recently she also completed writing her memoir.

Today Patricia still helps people by sharing her wisdom by encouraging them to trust their mind and body intelligence.

The body is a temple. With a healthy system within our body resides an eternal light. It is your authentic self patiently waiting for you to connect with it. This can be done in many simple ways. Meditation, smiling at yourself and within your heart, spending time in silence and walking, being at peace within yourself and nature.

Simplify your life. Venture in the practice of creativity, surround yourself with positive people and change the way you speak to yourself. Embrace being you and accept that you are enough. You are important and special. Spend your precious time with those who support and appreciate you.


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