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As the sun sets over the tranquil waters of Dromana, Two Buoys Unplugged stands as a testament to the power of music to uplift, inspire, and unite. 

Updated: Jun 17

CHAT SESSION 60 with Scott Pelks, Ryan Coleman and Mietta

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Monday 17th June 2024 1pm

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the live music scene in Dromana found itself at a crossroads, yearning for revival and rejuvenation. Enter Two Buoys Cocktail Bar and Restaurant, a beacon of creativity with a vision to breathe new life into the local music landscape. Thus, Two Buoys Unplugged was born, a ground-breaking music competition aimed at spotlighting emerging and established talent alike.

Conceived by the owner and his dedicated management team, Two Buoys Unplugged emerged as a platform where artists could shine, grow, and connect with audiences in an intimate setting. Over the course of 10 weeks, the stage at Two Buoys welcomes three artists every week, each granted the opportunity to showcase their musical prowess in a captivating set.

What sets Two Buoys Unplugged apart is its innovative voting system, bridging the gap between audience engagement and artistic merit. Utilizing a user-friendly app, spectators have the power to cast their votes, amplifying the voice of the community and democratizing the selection process. Coupled with the discerning judgments of a panel of esteemed judges, including local music aficionados and industry insiders, each week's winner is determined through a harmonious fusion of public opinion and expert critique.

The stakes are high, with a dazzling array of prizes. The event is sponsored by Elusive Creative Sound Studios, Colemans Music, Coach Academy, Game Face, and Two Buoys. Awaiting is the grand prize a coveted Maton guitar, alongside generous cash, and voucher incentives. Other prizes include a Pre Sonos-Audio Box recording and streaming kit, a professional recording and studio package by Elusive creative, and invaluable professional voice lessons.

Beyond the glittering prizes lies a deeper mission: to nurture local talent and foster a vibrant artistic community. Two Buoys goes the extra mile, equipping each artist with personalized media kits to facilitate promotion on social media platforms and beyond. Furthermore, the venue provides top-of-the-line sound equipment and dedicated sound engineers (From Elusive Creative), ensuring that performers can unleash their creativity without constraint.

The impact of Two Buoys Unplugged extends far beyond the stage, with last year's finals streamed live by Glen Carter's esteemed ‘Game Face’ platform, reaching an audience of over 10,000 people. Two Buoys Unplugged serves as a springboard for burgeoning talent, with previous finalists embarking on remarkable journeys – from releasing records to gracing the stage and even winning national television programs such as ‘Australian Idol’ and ‘The Voice’.

TWO BUOYS UNPLUGGED 2023 winner Mietta

Mietta is an acoustic indie-folk singer-songwriter based on Boonwurrung country on the Mornington Peninsula. Her music weaves place, feeling, and community in a tapestry of story.


A heartfelt storyteller, Mietta’s earthy tones and grace on stage are not to be missed. Inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Missy Higgins, and Xavier Rudd, lovers of acoustic indie-folk will undoubtedly fall in love with her presence, storytelling, and thoughtful lyrics.


Mietta grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, moving into her grandparent’s place in Mt Martha in early primary school with her Mum. In this space, her grandpa being an avid painter and locally known artist himself, Mietta came to learn the value of community, place and nature, storytelling, and the power of art to move and connect. Her ongoing work is inspired by the qualities of home and the positive influences of those around her.


In recent years, Mietta has performed as support act to the likes of Pete Murray, Paul Kelly, Kim Churchill, and Charlie Owen. She also performed as part of the Ninch Night project launched by local band Sunday Lemonade alongside Lachie Gill and Angus Robb. She is a frequent musician playing at local Mornington Peninsula breweries, wineries, tapas bars and community gatherings (you’ll find her at one of them pretty much every Friday-Sunday). Coming from local beginnings, you would have first found her busking outside of Mt Martha IGA as a young woman.


Leaning into her own stories, Mietta is recording, releasing and sharing her music. The Two Buoys Unplugged competition was one way of supporting her dream. She has been working with local producer/artist Spud Thompson to bring that dream to life. On Friday 31st March 2024 'Slowly' was officially released. Her song is a is a labour of love cultivated in storytelling spaces across rural Victoria and South Australia, after sharing in and hearing the stories of women from communities she travelled among. First performed at the Seven Sisters Festival in Glenaroua 2023, 'Slowly' touched the hearts and yearnings of an audience of women who resonated with its story of coming home to self, earning Mietta a performance slot at the festival later this year (2024). Produced alongside fellow muse Timothy Li, ‘Slowly’ reminds us to look after the home within so that we can show up with warmth for the world around us.


Download and listen to ‘Slowly’ on Spotify


Two Buoys Unplugged begins on June 20th with finals in early September.


As the sun sets over the tranquil waters of Dromana, Two Buoys Unplugged stands as a testament to the power of music to uplift, inspire, and unite. We encourage all people who love live music to join us on Thursday nights to support and enjoy the incredible local talent we are blessed with on the Peninsula. Two Buoys will also be serving amazing cocktails and food specials every Thursday night so drop in for a drink or book a table and watch the night unfold. It’s a guaranteed textural melodic experience!


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The Peninsula’s favourite place to wine, dine and play by the bay.


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Founded in 1989, Coleman’s Music is a family-owned & operated Melbourne CBD Music Store and a major sponsor of TWO BUOYS UNPLUGGED.


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