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Elisha’s experiences and career have provided her with many wonderful opportunities; however, it wasn’t a smooth opening to begin with for Sucrée Dessert & Wine Bar.

Updated: Feb 27

CHAT SESSION 44 with Elisha

Topic- A Grandmothers methods and recipes set a pathway for Elisha to pursue her passion of becoming a pastry chef.

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Monday 26th Feb 2024 1pm


Elisha Kesici’s dream of becoming a pastry chef started at a very young age. She always enjoyed being creative in the kitchen and after spending countless hours and precious time with her European Grandmother, Elisha’s desire to pursue her dream, in time, become a reality. Watching her grandmother make delicious food and flavoursome combinations, creating beautiful Turkish dishes sparked a light in Elisha. Her Grandmothers methods and recipes set a pathway for her to pursue a passion of becoming a pastry chef and to one day open her own Dessert Bar.

When Elisha finished year 12, she went on to complete Certificate IV in Patisserie at William Angliss Institute, Melbourne. This chapter in her life began in 2015 and while studying, Elisha was lucky enough to be chosen to complete work experience at Om Nom Dessert Bar under Christy Tania. Elisha idolized Christy when growing up because she was a young, hardworking pastry chef who initially wasn’t in the hospitality industry however, later in life decided that pastry was her calling. She perfected everything she did; her flavour combinations and her plated desserts were un- imaginable! What started as just a two-week work experience turned into a commis pastry chef job for just under a year. In the meantime, Elisha was still completing her studies.

Once Elisha completed her studies in 2016, she got a job at Burch & Purchase Sweet Studio. She started off in Pastry for a little less than two weeks and then was moved over into the chocolate room. It was in the chocolate room where Elisha and another chocolatier were provided with an opportunity to create sweet edible figurines for different seasonal events. They also made chocolate bars, bon bons and enrobing other sweet treats. After a year of working under Darren Purchase, Elisha realized that she missed the rush and challenge of service in the hospitality industry. It was a moment and realisation that then led her to a new career highlight, landing a job at Vue De Monde.

Elisha was part of the team at Vue De Monde, in 2017. It was a 2-chef hat restaurant at the time, and she was working under Shannon Bennett and head chefs, Chris Marshal & James Bevan. As challenging as it was, it was definitely what Elisha needed at that point in her career. Elisha started off working in the soufflé room perfecting hundreds of soufflés a week & creating petit fours. Not long after that she got moved into the main pastry pass and ran the lunch and dinner dessert service. It was an honour for Elisha at 21 years of age to be working at a 2-chef hat restaurant, one of the best in Australia and she will be forever grateful for the wonderful experience and opportunities bestowed upon her. Elisha believes that if it wasn’t for working at Vue De Monde and being challenged in different ways, she wouldn’t be the pastry chef she is today. During her time with Vue De Monde, she was also blessed to have made many friends from all around the world that she keeps in touch with continuing to share her knowledge from what she has learnt with other colleagues along the way.

Next workplace for Elisha was at Marnong Estate, In Mickleham and as Head Pastry Chef she was able to create a seasonal dessert menu. She also catered functions such as weddings & birthdays, serving alternative drop desserts as well as canapé options.

It wasn’t before too long when Elisha was given an opportunity to create her own space, to make her dreams a reality.  She found the perfect location and with the support of family and friends started renovations, designing a new fit out that led her to where she is today, Sucrée Dessert & Wine Bar.

In French Sucrée means sugar, it has two ‘ee’ to make it a feminine word, representing herself as being a lady. Then of course, it is a French word, as Patisserie originated in France. The restaurant is a sleek, modern space. It is a place to go and meet up with friends and family to enjoy some meze’s before indulging in desserts while sipping on cocktails, wine, or even a mocktail, whatever you prefer.

Sucrée Dessert & Wine Bar is open till late and is a beautiful ambient place to visit after dinner for a special dessert. Or, begin your night out and have some meze/ savoury snack options which include Porcini & White Wine Arancini served with Garlic Aioli and Pecorino, and Trio of Dips. They also specialise in sharing plates with Cheese Boards and Antipasto Boards as well as Seasonal Fruit Platters.

The menu offers 8 seasonal plated desserts, which all tell a story about Elisha’s journey in the industry, her culture, and upbringing. Sucrée Dessert & Wine Bar also make their own in-house gelato and ice cream using there beautiful Italian Musso machinery. They also create many other sweet treats like Chocolate Brownie Tarts, Strawberry and Rosewater Tarts, assorted Macarons, assorted Cannoli’s and Cakes, just to name a few.

Elisha’s experiences and career have provided her with many wonderful opportunities; however, it wasn’t a smooth opening to begin with. A couple of days after signing the lease, Elisha’s younger brother Korey was tragically killed in front of her family home. In unexpected and unforeseen circumstances losing her brother and witnessing such a horrific turn of events was heartbreaking. It made her doubt and question herself? Perhaps she wasn’t ready to move forward and continue her journey of opening a dessert bar? At that time Elisha took some time off to grieve and to deal with the trauma of what happened that night. Elisha struggled with how to adapt to her new life without her brother, but as hard as the past year has been, Elisha decided to continue the journey of opening a dessert bar. Her younger brother Korey had visited the shop before all the renovations and was always her number one supporter. Deep down Elisha knows wholeheartedly that Korey would have wanted her to follow through with her dream of becoming a business owner. Korey has a special spot at Sucrée Dessert & Wine Bar. Elisha honours her brother by having his photo and favourite alcoholic beverage, Vodka & Red Bull sitting on a special shelf where he watches over her every day.

Elisha also has an amazing, supportive team that have helped create her brand and her legacy. Her family have always been her number one cheer leaders and stay back until early hours of the morning to help her prep. She wouldn’t be doing this if she didn’t have the love and support from her family and friends.

When people ask Elisha why she opened her own dessert bar, her response is “The happiness food brings and the enjoyment I get from seeing empty plates come back to the kitchen is why l do what l love. And, giving my customers a unique experience they can’t get elsewhere is what Sucrée Dessert & Wine Bar is about”.


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