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Gender should never stop anyone from pursuing their passion!

Updated: Feb 19

CHAT SESSION 43 with Tilly

Topic- Breaking Stereotypes: Tilly Scott's Inspiring Journey in Muaythai 

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Monday 19th Feb 2024 1pm


In the heart of Frankston South, a remarkable 14-year-old Muaythai enthusiast named Tilly Scott is breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in a sport traditionally dominated by males. In this blog post, Tilly shares her journey into Muaythai, the challenges she faces as the only girl on her fight team, and her aspirations of representing Australia on an international stage. 

Tilly's initiation into Muaythai was somewhat unexpected. It all began when her mother brought home gloves from a beginner’s course, sparking the curiosity of Tilly and her brother. What started as playful exploration quickly turned into a serious commitment. Five years later, Tilly trains six days a week at the Somerville Martial Arts Centre (SMAC), immersing herself in a supportive community that has fuelled her passion for the sport. 

Tilly's dedication to Muaythai is evident in her rigorous training regimen. Her schedule includes six days of training at SMAC, a combination of fight team sessions and regular classes. Beyond the gym, she engages in strength and mobility training, ensuring a holistic approach to her physical development. Collaborating with Rachel at Fight Camp Fuel, Tilly carefully manages her nutritional needs, recognizing the importance of a well-rounded preparation for potential future fights. 

In Muaythai, the significance of matchups cannot be overstated. Tilly sheds light on the intricacies involved in finding the right opponent, emphasizing the differences in fighting styles between males and females. As a young female fighter, age is currently a limiting factor for Tilly, but she anticipates that once she turns 18, matchups will primarily be based on sex and weight. 

Tilly had her first matchup for an amateur fight in November 2023 and despite the fight being cut short due to Tilly sustaining a broken nose as soon as she could return to the gym after her surgery she was back at training.  

Tilly harbors a bold dream of representing Australia in Muaythai and is taking concrete steps towards realizing this aspiration. Training with the SMAC fight team, which consists of both amateur and professional fighters, Tilly has positioned herself to compete in amateur fights with Muaythai Victoria. Her coach, Matt Ball, renowned for coaching professionals like 'Sugar' Kane Watts and LukTum Winnermuaythai, is guiding her on this challenging yet promising journey. 

Tilly faces challenges as the only girl on her Muaythai fight team due to gender stereotypes in the sport. Muaythai has long been seen as a male-dominated activity, with stereotypes suggesting that it's not suitable for females. Tilly challenges these beliefs by stepping into the ring, proving that skill and determination matter more than gender and by turning up to each training session with determination. 

Despite the sport's historical biases, Tilly looks up to successful female fighters like Spring Sia and Joanne La, who have become mentors to her. Their achievements show that Muaythai is not just for men, breaking down stereotypes and inspiring Tilly to pursue her passion. Facing obstacles and stereotypes, Tilly is grateful for the female-only classes at SMAC and the unwavering support from her coaches and teammates, who recognize her passion and dedication. 

Tilly's dedication and potential have not gone unnoticed. She was awarded an Optus Inspiration Grant of $3000, a significant milestone in her Muaythai journey. This grant will enable her to fulfill a long-standing dream of training and possibly fighting in Thailand. The funds will cover flights, accommodation, and a two-week training camp in April 2024. Tilly also expresses her desire to compete in Queensland, showcasing her commitment to reaching new heights in the sport. 

Joanne La's all-women's sparring days have given Tilly a special chance to show her skills and connect with other female fighters with shared interests. The supportive atmosphere made Tilly feel empowered and united with her fellow fighters, challenging the usual expectations seen in male-dominated sports. Tilly remembers the encouragement she got from her peers at the event, creating a strong bond that went beyond competition. 

In Tilly's journey, Spring Sia, who is well-known in the Muaythai community, has encouraged Tilly, showing that gender should never stop anyone from pursuing their passion. Spring Sia's impressive achievements became a guiding example for Tilly, proving that excellence doesn't depend on gender. 

Tilly invites everyone to follow her sporting journey on Instagram @muay.thai.tilly, where she shares glimpses of her training, challenges, and triumphs. As she continues to break gender stereotypes and pursue her dreams, Tilly Scott stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes, proving that passion, dedication, and resilience know no gender boundaries. 

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