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Growing up in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula is where Nathan found his passion for filming and creativity.

Updated: May 28

CHAT SESSION 57 with Nathan Woods

Topic- A credit to Nathan, a self-taught Filmer is flourishing in his chosen career path.

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Monday 27th May 2024 1pm


Nathan was always in love with filming and at age 14 picked up a camera for the first time. Nathans first experience with a camera was when he filmed his brother’s high school project about Skateboarding. This was the beginning of a new direction in Nathans life that has led him to where he is today.


When Nathan was 16 years old, he got his first video camera and for the next 12 years made skateboard videos of his friends. But, over time everything went digital and because Nathan couldn’t afford to buy a new camera, for the next 5 years he used his phone to film his projects.

One day out of the blue Nathan went to a Moonah Arts Collective to watch a friend’s band perform. He filmed their performance and put it on YouTube. Later that week he received a message by the Moonah Arts Collective co-owner, Redro Redriguez asking him if he wanted to collaborate, and work together. Nathan was excited and didn’t hesitate. He accepted the offer to meet with Red and jumped at the opportunity presented to him.

To kickstart his new career path Nathan brought himself a video camera which was made possible with Afterpay, buy now, pay later. In no time he started work filming live bands at different venues. Red and Nathan worked in unison simultaneously supporting each other in their creative fields. Nathan filming and documenting bands whilst Red recorded in the audio. Finally, Nathan found his passion for filming again. Thanks to Red, for the next 4 years Nathan and Red worked closely together filming bands, recording live shows, and mentoring youth as part of the Freezer Projects.

Nathan has always been curious about First Nations culture and started filming some of their events. He is flourishing in his chosen career path and this year filmed his first music video for Jalgany, the niece of Uncle Archie Roach. Nola Lauch and her band have written a song about Archie Roaches Father who was also known as ‘Snowball’.

‘Snowball’ died in custody. The song titled ‘Snowball’ was a protest song written about black deaths in custody, and in honour of those who have fought for justice, a voice, and the truth. The video footage of the Melbourne protests was filmed in 2020 and the live band footage was filmed at the Rosebud High school theatre in 2023. Using filters Nathan made the film clip look like it was filmed in another century. He made new footage look old. Nathan wanted to produce something relevant but also wanted the video to be timeless and to stand the test of time.


Nathan is currently filming a series on people in the community who are unsung heroes that have a talent that often get overlooked. The first episode was released on the 16th of May 2024 at Rosebud Cinemas.


Nathan’s Mentor and close friend David “Redro Redriguez” Whip passed away in April 2024 to cancer. Nathan spent most days in the palliative care unit documenting Red and his time in care. In honour of Red and as a tribute to his life, a 30-minute film has been released honouring his legacy.

Nathan has currently started filming ‘Save The Bees’, a new episode on the Simon Mulvany program. Rescuing swarms of bees and learning about nature and the importance of these beautiful little creatures is something Nathan finds fascinating.


Nathan is very passionate about his work. He embraces being a resident in his community on the Mornington Peninsula and loves the support everyone gives to one other.


NATH FILMS include: 


Ninch Tunes from Moonah Art Collective


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