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The 2 key moments that impacted Dylan’s life became the two main drivers that he focuses on each day as part of the work he is doing with young boys, young men, and their families.

Updated: Apr 16

CHAT SESSION 48 with Dylan Roos

Topic- ‘Dylan always knew’ he would become some sort of coach.

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Tuesday 26th March 2024 1pm


Not consciously but for Dylan there was always a desire deep down to help others. He still remembers being in high school when a 'life coach' came to speak with his year group. "What an awesome career, how does one even become a life coach?" he remembers asking his dad. 

"Well, first you have to live some of a life yourself " Dylan’s dad responded. 

During his years at high school Dylan was a prefect, school leader, captain of his high school basketball team and playing state AFL, and reserves for the Sydney Swans. He always believed he would play some sort of sport, but after his draft year came and went it was obvious that a sporting career was not in sight.

Dylan was 18 and had absolutely no idea what he was going to do with his life. He was lost and without direction, as most boys are when they leave high school. He studied sports management at a private college in Sydney but that wasn't for him either. He hated it!! Fast forward two years and the straw that broke the camels back ended up being a HORRIBLE breakup with his girlfriend at the time. The breakup impacted Dylan and he was left broken and disheartened. Although at the time he couldn’t admit that to himself or anyone else Dylan just thought “oh well, l am a man, and l just need to get on with it”.

So there he was a 20-year-old young man who was 2 years into a degree that he hated, drinking himself stupid three times a week. Deep down he had an innate desire to do something great with his life but had absolutely no clue what that was. His drinking got worse, his studies declined, he stopped working out, quit his meditation practice, and resigned to eating Oporto five times a week. The high school leader/sports star was all but a distant memory. He was a shell of the person he used to be. 

Dylan had gone from top of his game in high school to his absolute lowest. Was he just another dumb kid that had peaked in high school?

Finally, Dylan put his hand up and said, "I need help".  He sought out a local psychologist by himself and organised an appointment. He was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder and will never forget how he felt when he left his therapist appointment that day.

Reflecting back and acknowledging what was happening made Dylan realise he needed help and support. Dylan said to himself. "Ok, great, now l know l have a problem that means l can work to fix it and get back to who l really am."


Not long after secondary thoughts started to kick in. "Who the fuck are you to be depressed and anxious? Your life is amazing, your parents are together, you haven't experienced any death or massive trauma, what the hell is the matter with you?" It was at that time that the beginning of his healing journey began.  He dropped out of university, but fortunately graduated with an associate degree of business management and moved to Melbourne to be with his family. He also started to delve deep into his own self-development journey focusing on two key moments in his life.

1. Not knowing his purpose and what he wanted to do with his life.

2. Being diagnosed with depression and anxiety.


The 2 key moments that impacted Dylan’s life became the two main drivers that he focuses on each day as part of the work he is doing with young men and their families. They have become his "why?" 

He studied health coaching and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) as well as reading books and listening to podcasts that aligned to his learning. Anything he could get his hands on became a big part of his own growth and development, both personally and professionally. He surrounded himself with like-minded people and worked tirelessly on himself and his purpose. 

Dylan drew upon the experiences and lessons he learnt having grown up surrounded by Australia's most elite athletes. Firstly, he started working with men alongside his father, Paul, with the creation of the Roos Men's Wellness & Leadership Club in 2018. Next, he co-founded The MoMENtum Lifestyle Project alongside Blake Worrall-Thompson and Janoah van Kekem in 2019. They ran two events before covid locked the whole world down and then transitioned the business to an online module. After 5 sold out events, The Roos Men's Wellness & Leadership club, closed for business. 

In October 2020 after 6 months of working on his program, Dylan launched and sold out his first ever Prince to King Mentorship and officially became a full-time masculinity coach. 

To date as an organisation the team have now mentored over 160+ boys and their families with an average rating of 4.8/5. 


Dylan is incredibly passionate about his work. This evolving space that is so important and needed in our communities will continue to impact young boys, young men, and their families in the most positive way.



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