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            Cathy Vescio-Dibella

Hairdresser, Business Owner, Writer

Learning to love yourself in my experience is first and foremost a very important and special kind of love that contributes to filling your own heart with what it really needs. When my love tank is full l am at my best to love, help and to support others. It has taken time to really believe that, but l advocate wholeheartedly for self love. Embrace it, find it, feel it. It is a YOU kind of love! 


Often we as people question our existence. Who am l, what am l doing, how can l be better, what is my life’s purpose? My love of life is about living in the moment and l am driven by the search for meaning in every thing l do. 

I am a deeply spiritual person who thrives in an environment seeking a higher sense of being and would like to continue exploring this about myself. I appreciate stimulating spaces and do best when I am challenged, mentally, and spiritually. I see life as an adventure.


Connecting face to face, and conversing with others on the big philosophical questions of life, is what I enjoy. Whether I am spending time with family or friends, basking in a vintage market, walking along the beach, listening to music or meditating in a quiet garden, l am nourished when I am helping and serving others.


In my career at Think Innovation Hair and Beauty, my journey has been nothing short of exactly that! It was never just about the haircut!

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