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The Eruption - Chapter 1, isn't just music; it's a visceral therapy session, an auditory battleground where Prymal unleashes his grittiest, unapologetic self. 

Updated: May 1

CHAT SESSION 53 with Prymal

Topic- Reject the mould and embrace your authenticity.

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 Monday 29th April 2024 1pm 


Get ready for a volcanic explosion in the world of Hip-Hop, as Prymal erupts onto the scene with his debut album, "The Eruption." Fuelled by lyrical fire and conscious rap dedication, Prymal's journey from 2017 to 2024 is a molten mix of storytelling and wordsmith mastery. He's already ‘Blown off Steam’ with his EP, paving the way for the seismic release of "The Eruption - Chapter 1" in 2024. Prymal is a rising star igniting the global stage with scorching style and narrative prowess! 


Embark on an odyssey with Prymal, navigating a hectic journey, sculpting, annihilating, and resurrecting his inaugural studio masterpiece. Behold the mythical creation that is "The Eruption - Chapter 1," surrounded by whispers of release, and now, it’s here, as an intense tapestry of anger, sadness, introspection, and even happiness. A visceral exploration of grit, raw honesty, and vulnerability.

Picture the decisive moment when Prymal stood at the crossroads of despair, contemplating ending his own existence. Facing the abyss, with two options: succumb to his chemical disposition or channel every ounce of negativity into becoming the most unfiltered artist the world has ever witnessed. 

From this dark vortex, a decision was made. What awaits you is an unbridled dive into Prymal's psyche. An unfiltered, untamed cascade of Prymal's raw thoughts and emotions, meticulously woven into every track. This isn't just music; it's a visceral therapy session, an auditory battleground where Prymal unleashes his grittiest, unapologetic self. 

To Prymal, rap is more than art; it's a lifeline. Prymal copes with life's challenges and emerges stronger, with creativity as a weapon. Step into Prymal's sonic therapy and witness a visceral journey into the heart, mind, and soul of Prymal. Who has worked tirelessly, putting blood, sweat and tears into this project.

Now, buckle up as we dive into the heart-pounding track list. Starting with the inaugural track, the self-titled anthem, "The Eruption." This is a sonic explosion that hits hard, aggressive, and unapologetically explosive. Picture it as the thematic blueprint of the album, a visceral journey through Prymal's thoughts and emotions. A verbal hurricane that leaves no stone unturned.

What comes next is a descent into the shadowy depths of a sombre and ominous piece. “When It’s Real”. A shift into a low-key explosion, dark and threatening, pulling back the curtain on the perilous underbelly of the hip-hop industry. A warning, a narrative that unfolds with each beat, exposing the dangers lurking behind the scenes. 


Gear up for the dance anthem. A trap masterpiece named "Cheque." Featuring the smooth vocals of Vibe Tyson in the chorus and swag-filled verses delivered by Prymal. Get ready to be ensnared by its infectious beats. 

"Roll It Out" then emerges as a motivational marvel, an ode to Prymal's journey, his growth, and his pride. With verses that pack a punch and a sung hook radiating power, Prymal invites you to revel in his triumphs. This song is a call to inspire those who look up to him. So, buckle up for an auditory ride that ignites a fire within your spirit.

Next, we delve into Prymal's sarcastic take on life's struggles. ‘Wounds’. Frustration oozing from every note. Yet, moving forward joined by friends; American artists LoD and Grandmaster X, the testament to shared themes and a rebellion against life's hardships.

On the next track. Prymal reunites with his high school comrade, Sin Envy, unleashing the explosive juggernaut known as "Deal With The Devil." Brace yourself for a dynamic showcase that transcends boundaries, a sonic force that hits harder than reality itself.

Then, brace yourself for a voyage into the realm of Prymal's Horrorcore alter ego in "Say Hi to Pri". Picture him as the malevolent maestro orchestrating a dynamic symphony. The verses are powerful, the chorus eerie and ominous. A song guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

What follows are familiar beats echoing across 98.7 RPPFM airwaves. "Breakdown." Prymal unleashes the emotional storm within, a heavy and raw symphony of frustration and sadness that leaves no heart untouched. This torrent of emotions crashes against the shores of your soul.

Then, brace yourself for the sister anthem, "Shattered," an exploration of Prymal's breakup saga. LoD and CharlotteMusic join forces to paint a vivid portrait of heartbreak, not just for Prymal, but also its profound impact on his best friend, LoD. This track is a raw and unfiltered chronicle of love lost and friendships tested.

The saga continues, featuring another of Prymal's best friends, Empathy. On ‘Shattered Minds’. In an explosive exchange, they lay bare their frustrations, tackling negligence from those around them in a defiant acceptance of themselves forged in the crucible of neglect. A musical detonation that doesn't just speak volumes, it screams rebellion.

Next is an explosive eruption of vengeance as Prymal unveils "Out Of Order''. A retaliation against those who dare oppose him. A declaration that cements Prymal's status as an elite battle rapper, unleashing a lyrical onslaught that leaves adversaries in the dust.

Next up is the ultimate posse track, "Sold My Soul," featuring the dynamic trio of Prymal, LoD, and Empathy. Brace yourself for a truly raw, gritty, and edgy experience within this symphony of camaraderie, an alliance that blurs the lines between friendship and ferocity.

Then, the classic Pridaval anthem follows with "The Silencer." Dark, edgy, and explosive, this track unleashes flows and rhyme schemes that set the album ablaze. One of the most insane songs, both thematically and technically, this horrorcore masterpiece is a relentless assault that refuses to be ignored.

Fasten your seatbelt for "Beware the Bat," where Prymal transforms into a vigilante ‘Batman’ like figure, navigating the rap industry portrayed as Gotham City. Dynamic, edgy, and irresistibly catchy, this track is a high-octane journey through a dark and mysterious world.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more intense, "Playing with Fire" ignites. This truly explosive song is aggressive, catchy, and fast-paced, delivering an exhilarating vibe from its flows to its lyrics. Hold on tight as Prymal cranks up the heat and takes you on a sonic rollercoaster that'll leave you breathless.

The grand finale unravels the enigma of the Pridaval. Enter the self-titled masterpiece, "The Pridaval," a descent into the dark essence of this malevolent being. A horror movie within a song, a storytelling autobiography that paints a vivid portrait of Pridaval's sinister existence, plunging you into the depths of a nightmare, leaving you captivated by the sheer intensity of Prymal's creative genius.

However, there lies a deeper purpose. A quest to connect with individuals battling their own demons. His hope is to spark a flame of inspiration, proving that it's not only possible to endure the shadows but to transform them into a source of strength. In a world clamouring for conformity, Prymal is a defiant call to arms. Reject the mould and embrace your authenticity. This project is about standing tall in your own truth. Do not succumb to the pressures of conformity; instead, unapologetically, and authentically, be you.

To conclude I’d like you to remember. Prymal is not for the faint of heart… With that all out of the way… Please enjoy!

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