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Since the loss of Jammo, Chantelle has become aware of the need for greater support in navigating the torturous journey after the loss of a loved one. This need prompted Chantelle to launch Projex J.

Updated: Apr 9

CHAT SESSION 50 with Chantelle and Jo


Topic- PROJEX J is all about encouraging and empowering vulnerable people to ‘get busy living’.

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Monday 8th April 2024 1pm

On the 8th of October 2022, Chantelle’s world was torn apart when her son Jamerson Ross was tragically killed in a hit and run incident in Hastings. The case is currently awaiting to be heard in the judicial system. 

Jamerson (Jammo) was a 23-year-old working in a successful marine electrical business (Australian Integrated Marine). He also worked on weekends to save additional funds for his pre-approved investment property. Jammo worked extremely hard and at the same time, always enjoying the outdoors, and living life to the fullest with his motto “Get Busy Living”. He was very passionate about fishing and always loved angling in competitions alongside his father Steve.

Since the loss of Jammo, Chantelle has become aware of the need for greater support in navigating the torturous journey after the loss of a loved one.

This need prompted Chantelle to launch Projex J, (currently registered as Projex J Limited and in the process of becoming a not-for-profit organisation – with the Australia Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC).

Projex J is aiming to raise funds to provide the opportunity for vulnerable people to get busy living.

Chantelle explained that Jammo never stood still, made the most of every moment, and had a huge amount of time and compassion for others. He had a huge smile and an infectious laugh. With Jammo’s love of life and passion for fishing, Chantelle was motivated to hold a fishing competition on Jammo’s first anniversary. This will be an annual event to honour Jamerson’s legacy and motivate people to get out and about and live a healthy lifestyle, as he did.

The weekend of Jammo’s anniversary, Projex J (in conjunction with Western Port Angling Club) hosted a successful fishing competition. Jammo’s father Steve was a huge part of Jammo’s love for fishing and he guided the successful competition organised in a very short amount of time. One of the reasons for holding a fishing competition, that will become an annual event, is to honour Jamerson’s legacy and inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle and to ‘Get Busy Living’.

Chantelle currently hosts a free monthly grief support group in Mornington (first Wednesday of each month at Benton’s Square Community Centre 5.30 – 6.30). With funds raised by Projex J, Chantelle will be hosting more grief support groups including day and overnight retreats as well as expanding the support in other locations. The other aim of Projex J is to raise funds to provide opportunities for vulnerable people to get out and get busy in life.

Connecting with others who have lost a loved one has been a priority. Projex J is a safe space that provides somewhat comfort to those in need where people can come together to support each other, show compassion, and have empathy for those that must survive this unbearable pain. Having a grief counsellor and other guest speakers has been beneficial. The response from the attendees of these support groups has shown Chantelle evidence that we need to offer more support in our communities. Each month, more and more people are attending which has led us to source a larger venue.

Chantelle is wanting to provide more therapists and care during the support group as grief is a very personal experience and Chantelle expresses there is no expectation for participants to do or behave in anyway. They may wish to just turn up and be surrounded by people who understand their pain – to be embraced by others who are walking this horrendous path of grief. Just being present with people that can relate, empathize, and have compassion for each other can be comforting. The support group can also provide an opportunity for people to try a new skill that may provide a coping strategy – giving them techniques to live each day and to help find a balance with day-to-day living.

Chantelle is passionate about the support group and provides techniques to inner harmony by sharing ideas on ways to improve physical mental health and reduce stress. Chantelle assists individuals in their own grief journey and gives people time to have much needed me-time, to fill their cups, to be present and get busy living in their own way.

With the formation of Projex J, Chantelle is determined that Jamerson will not be remembered as a road toll number. He is missed everyday by so many people and in moving forward, with every event Projex J facilitates, Jammo will be honoured encouraging ‘vulnerable people to get busy living’.

The question about looking in the mirror- Chantelle avoids looking in the mirror and when she does Chantelle gets a shock every single time. She cannot comprehend that she looks the same as she has completely changed inside forever. She doesn’t feel herself anymore. Chantelle will never be the same person. Living with grief is an on-going battle of raw emotions – she looks the same but is definitely not the same.


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